• How hard are the Transport Canada pilot certificate exams?

    They are no joke! Transport Canada has some tricky questions in there, and it can get overwhelming. Taking our Exam Prep course is a great way to get yourself ready and confident to pass.

  • Do I need a drone pilot certificate to fly legally?

    If your drone weighs over 249g, then yes. You will require either a Basic or Advanced pilot certificate to fly legally. No exceptions. If your drone weighs 249g or less, then you do not legally require a pilot certificate.

  • What are the restrictions for drones that weigh 249g or less?

    You must not cause a hazard to people or their property while flying your drone. If you do, you can be subject to fines and/or criminal charges. We always recommend getting at least the basic pilot certificate regardless of drone weight as it will only help you stay out of trouble!