Course curriculum

There are a total of twelve chapters in this course, here's a sampling of what's coming!.

  1. SECTION 0 | Introduction

  2. SECTION 1 | Applicable FAA Regulations for sUAS

  3. SECTION 2 | sUAS Airframes and Systems

  4. SECTION 3 | Crew Resource Management (CRM) & Human Factors

  5. SECTION 4 | Weather and Meteorology

  6. SECTION 5 | The National Airspace System (NAS)

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Ian Wills


Coming from a decade in the Commercial Helicopter industry as a pilot, operations coordinator, and business development representative, and prior to that a decade in Information Technology and Systems Administration, Ian applies his passion, education, and experience in Commercial Aviation now to the drone industry. Ian leads strategy, operations and innovation at Coastal Drone Co. and the Remote Pilot Network and looks forward to the exciting growth of the drone industry as new regulations offer more permissive activities such as BVLOS, heavier drone delivery operations, and a transition towards eVTOL automation. As a product of a family of educators, Ian demonstrates a passion for continuous skill development through personal growth and sharing that knowledge with others.  Launched in 2021, the Remote Pilot Network, a Coastal Drone Co. initiative, offers a network of Advanced Certificate pilots with expertise and experience in various industries across Canada.