Course curriculum

    1. How to Prepare

    2. Flight Review Tips

    3. Tips and Pet Peeves from Flight Reviewers

    1. Flight Review Candidate Checklist - Canadians and Permanent Residents

    2. Flight Review Candidate Checklist - Foreign Pilots

    3. Flight Review Candidate Guide

    4. Mock Site Survey Situations

    5. Aircraft Flight Manual Download Links

    6. Flight Reviewer's Guide (TP15395)

    7. Canadian Aviation Regulations - Part 9

    8. Ready to book your review? Watch this first!

    1. Coastal Flight Review Directory

    2. *Langley, BC Flight Review Location Information

About this course

  • $250.00
  • 15 lessons
  • Paperwork Prep
  • Access to our National Reviewer Network
  • In-Person Review Fee Pre-Paid


  • Does this course include the in-person flight review itself?

    Yes! This course serves two purposes. 1) We use it to collect payment, so you don't have to worry about that on the day of the review 2) It makes sure that you know what you'll be asked to do and what to bring. It'll be helpful, we promise.

  • Where do you offer reviews?

    Coastal Drone operates a network of flight reviewers across the country. We're not everywhere, but we try to be! If you have a group that needs reviews, we can usually arrange to be where you need. Our reviewers are located in Vancouver, Kelowna, Campbell River, Duncan, Prince George, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, and Whitehorse, throughout Ontario and the Maritimes. Don't see somewhere close to you listed? Drop us a note and we'll try to figure something out for you.

  • Can I just pay for the review and not this course?

    The cost of the review is $249 regardless. We include this course as a prerequisite because it makes your life and the reviewers life so much easier.